My Top Apps For Studying

Hey everyone! If you’ve followed me at all you know I just started classes again! I received a bachelors degree in 2012 but I decided to return to school to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy!

I have an incredibly long road ahead of me. I’m currently attending community college to take the prerequisite courses I’m missing in order to apply to a program.

For me to be competitive I need excellent grades. I never used apps when I was in school the first time to help me study. But they’re helping tremendously! I thought I’d share what’s been working for me!



This app is great! Obviously, right? It’s on my list. It’s an app for creating flashcards. Not only is this flashcards on your phone (hello, convenience) but the app will mix up the questions as multiple choice, has a matching game and even has little tests all based on the flashcards you made! You can even share your sets with your friends or see sets other people made (but I only trust myself).

I use this app all the time! I think this app is the most useful, however, right before bed. I flip through the flashcards and play the matching game right before I go to sleep and I’ve found that I retain the information better this way.


Khan Academy

This app consists of tons of videos that walk through and explain all of the important concepts of a subject! So far I’ve only used it for biology, chemistry and math but there are many other subjects available as well! The videos have helped me tremendously! He (Khan) explains things so well! He writes things out as he explains them and makes the videos entertaining so you don’t get bored. There are also information sheets and little quizzes throughout the lessons to double check that you are retaining the information.


A lot of things have changed since I was in school. One thing that hasn’t changed is my anxiety when it comes to exams. Not just exams but quizzes, being called up to the board, being asked a question by the professor and the anxiety of roll call. Does anyone else repeat “here” five different ways in their head leading up to their name being called? Why do I do that?

Clearly anxiety is an issue for me and it has not gotten better with age. Luckily I found an app to help! It’s not a recent discovery; I’ve posted about this app before. It’s the Headspace app.

Meditation, people! It’s so good for you! And it’s amazing for my anxiety. I meditate every day. Recently I’ve been focusing on my anxiety towards exams during my meditation.

I also take my headphones to class and do a quick two minute meditation session right before exams. The results? I got a 98 on both my Math and Bio exams! Did I study my ass off? Hell yeah. But the meditation helped me to relax so I was able to remember the answers. Who else sits down and immediately forgets everything they studied? That used to be me too. But not anymore!

I hope you find these apps useful! I know technically only two are for studying but the Headspace app has helped my performance so much I had to include it! If you have apps that help you out please let me know in the comments!


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