Unboxing: Boxycharm August 2018

Hello lovelies! My August Boxycharm arrived right before I went to work yesterday and, well, let’s just say everyone had a good time looking at the products in the office.

First impressions? Excited about the eye masks and less than thrilled with the lashes.

I didn’t get an info card with this month’s box, which is strange. Maybe they stopped including them. Or maybe they just gave me whatever was left over and they forgot. Yep, that’s how I feel about this box. Children, cover your eyes! But seriously. What the fuck?

I didn’t have high hopes for this month’s box based off of the spoilers and the hundreds of disappointed comments on Instagram. Did I say disappointed? I meant angry. Seriously, some of the comments are hilarious!

If you subscribe to Boxycharm you’re probably aware that they recently changed their beauty quiz. The new quiz is more in depth and gave me the false hope that the boxes would be more personalized moving forward. Maybe the quiz didn’t apply to this month. Shall I give them the benefit of the doubt? It’s either that or the person they hired to create their algorithm has no idea what they’re doing.

Okay, I know I’m complaining about getting shitty products when I only pay $21 a month and the boxes are normally decent. Where else can I pay $21 for five full sized products? They’re allowed one bad box every once in a while, right?

The pops of colors are gorgeous! But realistically? Where would I wear them if not an 80s dance party?

Honestly, I think this month’s box was the product of spring cleaning the warehouse… in July. Oh, we have a bunch of shit left over that nobody wanted; let’s just put these in the boxes! I’m sure from a financial standpoint this was the right move for the company. From a consumer’s point of view, however, I’m left considering canceling. Do I really need to be spending $21 a month on products I don’t necessarily need?

Anyway, let’s get into the box! Normally Boxycharm boxes include five products, but this month we received six. Again, probably because of spring cleaning.

Looking at this palette makes me want to crimp my hair and bust out my legwarmers. 

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Palette ($19) – Okay, I get it. This palette is fun and vibrant. This palette just screams 80s dance party to me. I do love 80s music and I do have some legwarmers in my closet. This palette would be perfect for EDC, if that was something that I was in to. You will never catch me at an electronic music festival high on molly dancing in my bra and a tutu. That’s just not me.

The website states that this palette offers “a full range of on-trend shades.” Am I missing something? I must not be trendy.

Have you ever seen a brighter shade of pink?

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick, Bombastic ($21) – “I have always wanted Barbie pink lipstick!” is a sentence that I have never said or even thought. I don’t like pink, at all. The girliest thing about me is that I wear makeup. That’s it. My wardrobe consists entirely of black. If I wear a statement lip it’s a bold red. Not hot pink. Never hot pink.

Like I said, I opened this box in the office. When my manager saw the lipstick she said, “Maybe it’s not as bright as it looks when you put it on.” So I tried it. Nope, it’s just as hot pink on my lips as it is in the tube. She immediately doubled over with laughter. Cool.

The Smashbox website describes this shade as “bubblegum pink cream.” Right. Also, this product is listed as $21. Twenty One Dollars! Why on earth would anyone purchase this horrid shade for $21?

I will give Smashbox one thing, the packaging is sleek and beautiful.

Bang Beauty Gel Eyeliner, Chocolate ($22) – I do not wear brown eyeliner. I never have. I always wear a black wing. Always. After reading a few reviews from people in my similar situation, apparently this can be used on your brows. I’ll give it a try. First impression? Not worth $22.

At first I thought the lashes were individuals but they are all connected.

House of Lashes, Siren ($9) – First of all, why do I keep getting fake lashes? I don’t know how to apply them! The website says these are made with human hair but they feel cheap and fake. They’re only $9 so I guess they are cheap. Not that I would know, I never buy them.

However, please visit the website. One review says that these lashes are perfect to cry in. I love comments on the internet.

Adesse New York Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil ($18) – I wasn’t thrilled about this at all, but considering the rest of my box I’m not mad about it. I never paint my nails but this is a nail treatment so it isn’t something I’d be against using.

According to the website, “Vitamin E, shea oil, sweet almond, and jojoba oils are blended together to create a luxurious treatment that softens the cuticles and moisturizes the nails.” I guess nails need to be moisturized too? I’ve never particularly been concerned with my nails. I’ll give it a go and keep you updated!

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks ($12.50) – This is the only thing I was really interested in with this box. According to the website these are $25 for six and I only received three so I cut the price in half. These masks claim to “brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of dark circles.” It’s my personal belief that under eye problems are mostly because of diet. But I am a sucker for putting masks/things on my face and watching TV so I’m down to try these!

I hope you enjoyed reading my unboxing! I’ll play around with these products and post a review at the end of the month!

If you subscribe to Boxycharm let me know what you thought of the box in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Unboxing: Boxycharm August 2018

  1. This months box was horrible! I haven’t touched a single thing since I first opened it. I’ll use the eye masks, and I’m going to try to use the brown liner to fill in my brows. It definitely looks like they threw a bunch of stuff together randomly. I’m curious to see more spoilers for Boxy Luxe but If nothing impresses me, I’m really considering cancelling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m curious about Boxy Luxe too! I wonder if they were so focused on getting that set up that they wanted to clean house to make room for new products in their warehouse. Depending on what the spoilers are for that box I may end up canceling.


  2. I actually love this box…a bit upset that everyone don’t have the same things someone has a lip palette from SmashBox and a Tarte mascara… I personally feel like they are slipping on the products… I left glossy box for BoxyCharm. I’m also very excited about Boxy Luxe, I believe it has like 11 full size products. September 1st they will be doing spoilers. Love your honesty and post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked the box! I know some people did! It’s just not me, but that’s what you get with a subscription box sometimes! I’m excited about Boxy Luxe too! Although I really shouldn’t spend the extra money… Thank you for reading! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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