An Update On My Keto Life

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve talked keto and I thought it was time to touch on my keto life again.

Just for some backstory, I have been following the ketogenic diet for about four years now. I thought it was only two years but when I actually looked back I was surprised by how long I’ve maintained this lifestyle! I did go off the rails for about 5 or 6 months when I was a cocktail waitress, but that was all kinds of a disaster.

Normally I follow a cyclical ketogenic diet meaning that I do eat carbs every now and then. I usually go a week or two weeks straight keto and then have a “re-feed day.” This was mostly because my husband and I love pizza and our favorite date nights are at our favorite pizza place. It’s a weakness, I know. But sometimes you just want to eat a pizza.

Anyway, recently I’ve been strictly keto. No “re-feed days” at all. It’s been about a month now and I feel amazing! The only carbs I’m consuming are those from veggies (mainly brussels sprouts and my veggie shake).

I kept thinking that I would share my meals on my blog, but I am honestly a very boring person when it comes to eating. I eat pretty much the same things every day and I don’t get tired of them.

Keto coffee with cinnamon sprinkled on top!

I break my fast every day with a keto coffee around noon or 1pm. Depending on how hungry I am I make some bacon too!

Top: We discovered a bbq place close to us that makes amazing ribs! We get them without sauce, of course. They’re delicious even without sauce! Bottom: Wings are an amazing lunch for work! We order delivery and I keep bleu cheese on hand!

For lunch I have sausage and sauerkraut and or wings if I’m at work. If I’m at home I either have a fatty cut of steak or a burger. Usually steak. However, every now and then I’ll treat myself to a rack of ribs! So good!

My veggie shake is always lurking in there somewhere as a snack. I’ve actually tweaked my veggie shake recipe for the better so I’ll be posting an updated version soon!

I’m always down for a good steak, sautéed mushrooms and brussels sprouts!

For dinner, I have a fatty cut of steak, brussels sprouts with bacon and sauteed mushrooms with butter. I always drizzle butter on my steak too! It’s delicious!

Depending on how much I ate that day and where I am with my fats, I’ll have the keto chocolate fluff. I’ve made some tweaks to that too that I need to update!

I’ve also added another snack to my rotation! It’s a bullet proof bone broth! I absolutely love it and you know how important collagen is in my routine! I’ll be posting a recipe soon!

My foods vary slightly, but pretty much stay the same. When I first started the ketogenic diet about four years ago I was all about experimenting in the kitchen. I wanted to find a substitute for all of my normal foods! We tried everything! Keto pancakes, keto pizza, keto bread… I found that substituting “normal non-keto” foods wasn’t realistic. It was a hassle in the kitchen (huge messes) and it just took too much time. Now I’m happy with keeping it simple.

How am I feeling straight keto for a month? Fantastic! I still do intermittent fasting but I don’t count my calories. Mostly because I eat the same thing every day so I’ve become pretty accurate with guessing how much I should eat.

My weight has remained stable at 135 the entire month, although I never started keto for weight loss to begin with. Keto, for me, is about consistent energy levels and clarity of mind. My mind just feels sharper on a keto diet! Now that I’m back in school this is a necessity.

You have to find what works for you! All I can say is that keto has treated me very well thus far and I haven’t had cravings for pizza or french fries in weeks! It’s a great feeling! Stay strong my keto friends!

Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “An Update On My Keto Life

  1. I was researching the keto diet today, I work in a tv station and I saw that we were going to be running an interview with someone who went keto so I was curious!
    I feel like I’m not strong enough to maintain such a change, I love my carbs too much! I’ve been tracking calories with an app lately and I was shocked at how many carbs I eat lol
    I don’t think I could drink a keto coffee everyday (and give up bagels) BUT I have had coffee blended with coconut milk before and it was really good!

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    1. It’s really popular now! A couple weeks ago four people in my office said they started it! I was like… whaaat? I didn’t even tell anyone that I’ve been following it (because who cares?)! They heard about it on buzzfeed or something. Except they were doing so many things wrong and I was like okay I gotta step in here! 🛑🤣
      It was difficult when I first started but it works really well with my body! I absolutely love it but it’s not for everyone. We’re all different!
      Haha isn’t it scary when you look at how much you eat on those apps and you think ‘oh my gosh!’ 😱
      Coffee blended with coconut milk sounds delicious! 😻

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      1. It’s everywhere now, I’ve been hearing so much buzz about it lately!
        haha good on you to help them out, it’s nice that you have first hand experience with how to do it right! It must be hard starting a new diet with just guidance from the internet. I think it’s so interesting that people notice a change in their mind as well as body, I’m curious to try it just to see the difference. I’m also vegetarian though so I think it would be a bit hard to get all my nutrients.
        It was so good!

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      2. There are a lot of vegetarians and even vegans who do it! I’m just a carnivore naturally! Although I do love veggies!
        It’s really interesting how your mind changes too!
        It’s seen now as a weight loss diet but the ketogenic diet wasn’t created for weight loss; it was created for children with epilepsy back in the 1920s (it reduces seizures). A lot of people use it who have inflammatory issues too, like arthritis.
        I notice a huge change in my body when I have a cheat day, especially in my knee. It’s mostly my mind though. I feel foggy, slow and tired when I eat carbs. It’s interesting!


      3. Really?? That must be so hard to do though!
        I did know that about the epilepsy yes! So I was surprised this year to hear that it’s also a lifestyle change that people choose, I thought that only those with medical conditions could benefit from it. I also didn’t know that about arthritis and inflammation, I’m learning all the things today!

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      4. Hahaha I researched it so much before I went on it! I get my blood tested every year too! I find it really easy to follow because all I ever want to eat is meat, cheese and brussels sprouts anyway! 🤣 I’m so boring when it comes to food!
        My husband has a hard time with it sometimes. He gets cravings like crazy! He gave in and had a milkshake at Haagen Dazs today 😂 I’ll bet you money that tomorrow he’ll go off the rails too! Sugar is like a legit drug for him!

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      5. omg you could eat all the cheese! Every time I put cheese into my calorie app it shows me the C+ food value score. But I love cheese so much!
        Oh no, especially when you’re mostly off sugar that would be a shock to your system. But milkshakes are so good!

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      6. Hahah you can eat all the cheese! I think since I ate so much cheese when I first started keto I cheesed myself out and now I only ever want it when I’m having a cheat meal on pizza. 😂 I never thought it would be possible to be tired of cheese but here I am!
        Hahah he’s like a child when he has sugar! He gets really hyper for about 30 minutes and then he complains that his stomach hurts and passes out. 🤣


  2. Hi! Great post! I’m pretty curious about your veggie shake! I’m new to keto! Over a month and already 12 lbs down 🙂 I used to have shakes or smoothies in the morning but I haven’t had any since I started keto.
    Anyways, Please share your food! It may be simple or boring to you but it may be very helpful to keto beginners. lol I too love pizza and I am really loving cauliflower pizza right now (:

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    1. I’ll do an updated post about my veggies shake! It’s pretty much kale, spinach, lemon, a few blueberries, broccoli sprouts and chia seeds!
      Congratulations on losing the 12 lbs! That’s great!! 😊


  3. Hello! I think it’s great you’ve maintained keto for so long! I just started this past October and I’m down almost 70 pounds. It really is a complete overhaul of the bad things I’ve been putting in my body for years.

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