Coffee Chat

Hey guys! I thought I would take today to chat with you about things that have been going on in my life. I have several interesting blog posts coming up soon that I’m excited about! I’ll be posting more makeup posts (of course) and more ketogenic diet posts too!

So, what’s been going on with me? I haven’t been posting as much as I would have liked and it’s because life just got crazy!

I started taking a summer class at the community college to ease my way back into university life (if you don’t remember I’m preparing to apply for a doctorate in about two years). I’m taking a month long psychology course, which means it’s a lot of information in a short amount of time. Every week I have three discussion posts, four assignments and an exam. Zero to a hundred real quick. I find psychology fascinating so luckily I’m enjoying the class and I’m keeping up!

Originally, I was hoping that work would be steady/chill so I could work on some of the assignments while I was working, unfortunately it has been absolutely crazy! It’s summer so it makes sense. The hotel is constantly understaffed and I spend most of my day calling unwilling employees for overtime. It’s so much fun. This leaves me to work on my assignments at home which takes away all of my free time.

Except for Pokemon Quest.

Is anyone else playing this game? I’m obsessed with Pokemon Quest and I definitely have a problem. A serious problem. I may or may not have my Pokemon fight on auto while I’m calling overtime. I gotta catch ’em all!

The entire office is into it, it’s their fault that they got me into this mess. Yes, we are all children.

I’ve continued working out, despite my Pokemon Quest addiction, although my last few workouts I forgot to save my sets in my Gym Genius app so I don’t 100% remember what I did each day. This is why I’m not posting a Weekly Workouts Recap this week. Whoops!

I also finally started an instagram for my blog! I’m still unsure how to do this whole social media thing, but it’s fun. If you have an instagram let me know in the comments and I’ll follow you!

I have some exciting news! My husband recently became a United States citizen! It’s been an incredibly long and difficult journey but we are beyond thrilled! It’s brought a huge sense of relief to us and now we can focus on other things!

Now that he’s officially a citizen he’ll be able to get a passport (long story) and we can finally travel overseas again! Our first stop will most likely be Argentina because his parents just moved there! Argentina has been on my bucket list for years, so I’m excited to finally visit!

I’m also planning a trip for my 30th birthday next year (yikes) with my best friend! It’ll be a joint 30th birthday extravaganza in which we will most likely travel to Scotland although I am open to Scandinavia as well! The only requirement is that we both want to go to a country that we’ve never visited before. Also, I’m Irish/Scottish/German and I’ve been to Germany several times so I was pushing for either Ireland or Scotland! She said Scotland so I’m down!

As always, thank you for reading! Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Coffee Chat

  1. That’s so awesome that your husband has citizenship now!! Congrats to him 🙂 Is he from Argentina since his parents moved there?
    I haven’t heard of Pokemon Quest actually, is that like pokemon go? I was playing that for a while.
    What is your doctorate in? I hope your summer class goes well!

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    1. My husband is from Venezuela. The country is under a dictatorship and incredibly corrupt so his family escaped to different countries. His parents were lucky enough to find jobs in Argentina! 😊
      Pokémon quest isn’t like Pokémon Go. You pick a Pokémon and you have a little base camp and catch others and go o expeditions to train them. I do not recommend downloading it. I’ve wasted way to much time on it 😂
      I’m going to get my doctorate in physical therapy! But I have to retake some credits that expired (I didn’t know they expire after 10 years) so I can’t apply until I finish them.


      1. oh no, I’ve been following the crisis in the news 😦 That’s awesome that him and his family were able to get out! You guys must be so relieved that he has citizenship now! And now you have an excuse to visit Argentina 😉
        LOL aren’t those the best games though, the ones you can’t put down? I remember checking in every hour to my farmville game on facebook when it first came out xD
        What really? Credits expire!? I had no idea, that sucks! Hopefully it won’t take you long to retake them

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      2. It’s a shame that a country that wealthy has such little regard for the people. When his parents left they couldn’t even find toilet paper. They had to buy food on the black market. It really makes you appreciate being from a first world country. 🙏🏻


      3. Also the Pokémon game is so great! I check in constantly 😂
        I didn’t know credits expired until the advisor told me! My first couple semesters of college I took my math and science credits and that was 2007-2008. Bummer 😞


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