Boxycharm June 2018 Review

Hey guys! I’ve had some time to play with most of the items in my box and I’m ready to review them! If you aren’t familiar with Boxycharm, it’s a monthly beauty subscription box that costs $21 a month and comes with five full sized products! Let’s get into it!


The theme for this month was Caribbean Queen! What a fun theme!

Just look at those shades!

Alamar Reina Del Caribe Eye Shadow Palette ($28): Guys. Guys! This palette is so vibrant and beautiful and perfect! I don’t have one negative thing to say about it! Every single shade is wonderful and usable! All of the colors compliment each other. I’m in love!

Look at those swatches! A beautiful rainbow of pigmented bliss!

I have a full review of the palette coming up in my next post (on Wednesday), I created seven looks with this palette!

Battington Monroe Silk Lashes ($28): I confessed in my last post that I don’t know how to apply false lashes. I still haven’t even tried these… whoops. I think it’s safe to say I’d never actually purchase these myself.


Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($10): I love the smell of this! It reminds me of one of my best friends! The smell lingers on the skin, which, again, I love, but some people may not like. I also love how thick this cream is. I’m all about thick creams! Thick face cream, thick eye cream, thick lotion… give it all to me!

I don’t feel like it’s incredibly hydrating, I have other lotions and creams that feel like they hold in moisture better. It does make my skin soft but I haven’t noticed that it helps with the firmness or elasticity of my skin.

We received the 25ml product in the Boxycharm, which retails for $10. A full size of 240ml is $45. That’s a lot of money. You guys know how much I love CeraVe products and their moisturizing cream is $12.69 for 16 ounces. That’s roughly 80 cents an ounce. Which would make Brazilian Bum Bum Cream roughly $5.51 per ounce. Yikes!

CeraVe is fragrance free, so that could be a deal breaker if you like the scent of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I like saving money though, so I’d say it’s a no go to repurchasing this. That being said I am glad that I received it and I enjoyed using it!

(From left to right) Luxie 660 Precision Foundation brush, Luxie 522 Tapered Highlighter brush and Luxie 516 Duo Fibre Powder brush.

Luxie 3 Piece Flawless Complexion Brush Set ($42): Let’s get one thing straight, I’m a hater. I wasn’t convinced when I first opened these. They were a little frayed and they smelled like paint. However, I’ve been using the Tapered Highlighting Face Brush 522 and the Precision Foundation Face Brush 660 every day.  Also, the paint smell has gone away.

I use the 522 brush for my highlight (obviously) and I love it! It picks up the product nicely and evenly applies it to my face. It doesn’t pick up so much highlight that I have to blend blend blend into my face for fear of looking like a shiny doll.

The 660 brush is actually quite nice for my foundation. I enjoy the way it blends my foundation and don’t really have anything bad to say about it.

I haven’t really used the Duo Fiber Powder Brush 516 because I don’t wear powder. Ever. I do use it to whisk away the excess product from my eyebrows (I’ve been experimenting with an e.l.f. eyebrow kit that has a lot of fallout). This brush is definitely my least favorite because the bristles are rough. Still useful though.

Would I purchase this set for $42? No. At $14 per brush I wouldn’t spend that because I don’t like the Duo Fiber Powder Brush 516 very much. The other two, perhaps. I am glad that I got them in my box (especially because I only paid $21 for the whole box)!


Jontéblu Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, 903 Dark Brown ($5): I’ve said this many times: I don’t use pencil eyeliners. I gave it a try though and the color is quite nice. It pairs nicely with Cafecito from the Alamar palette. But, just like other pencil eyeliners, it isn’t doesn’t last. I wouldn’t purchase this, not even for $5.

Swatches of the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick and Jontéblu Eye Liner Pencil.

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, Verona ($20): I mentioned that I have a lot of liquid lipsticks in this shade, but once I applied it I realized it actually was different. This one is a little more of a brownish nude. The website describes it as a “mocha nude brown.” I love the color! I don’t like, however that it’s a matte shade. Matte shades look so so beautiful on but they dry out my lips terribly! I did receive a lot of compliments when I wore this lipstick and it did last a good while before I couldn’t take it and had to apply lip gloss.

I would like to point out that if you visit the Ofra webpage, this liquid lipstick has a sleek white rectangular tube. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get that version in the box, but I get it, this packaging is probably more cost effective for the mass amount they had to give Boxycharm.

Let’s talk numbers now. Boxycharm states that Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick retails for $21 but on the Ofra website it’s only $20, let’s stick with Ofra’s price. The comparison that most readily comes to mind it Colourpop, their matte liquid lipsticks are pretty wonderful. Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick weighs in at 6 grams making it $3.34 per gram of product. Colourpop liquid lipsticks cost $6.50 and contain 3.2 grams of product, making it $2.03 per gram of product.

Ofra does have 66 shades on their website, so there are plenty to choose from! All in all I think it is worth it! It may cost a little more than Colourpop but they do have a wider variety of shades (only talking matte shades here) if you’re into matte lipsticks. Will I be purchasing one? No, because I don’t go for mattes.

Overall I am incredibly happy with this month’s box! I think it was worth the $21 that I paid!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for my upcoming post on Wednesday full of looks from the Alamar Reina Del Caribe Eye Shadow Palette!


5 thoughts on “Boxycharm June 2018 Review

  1. I just recently canceled my subscription to Ipsy because I was not thrilled with the products but I love the idea of a subscription box that has good products. Would you recommend BoxyCharm or should I try Play! By Sephora instead? XO!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would definitely try Boxycharm! The products are full sized and they’re mostly well known brands! I have a friend who tried Play! by Sephora and she said that the samples are same samples they give you in the store. She was not thrilled. Boxycharm for sure!
      Thank you for reading! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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