Boxycharm May 2018 Review

Wow this is late! Sorry about that! If you didn’t see my unboxing check it out here!

As you know, I like to play with the products for a few weeks before giving my opinion. I feel like it’s more of a solid opinion this way.

Pür Sculptor Palette: Again, I love that this smells like chocolate! The lightest highlight (Originator) is perfect for my skin and gives me that glowy look! The darker highlight (Trailblazer) is more glittery so I’m not crazy about it on my face but it is beautiful on my inner corner. I also love that I can still smell the chocolate when it’s on my face. Unless I’m hungry, then it just makes me want to eat chocolate.

The contour colors are obviously too dark for my skin. But I really like the lighter contour (Inventor) as an eye shadow! It doesn’t apply as dark as it looks in the palette on the eye. It applies like a nice tan on my lid! The darkest contour (Founder) applies a little patchy to my lid so I have to work it more. Overall I’m happy with this palette!

Aesthetica Pro Brush Series: Let’s see… I like the angled brush! Not for eyeliner though. It’s soft and I’ve been using it a fair amount for eye shadow application. The eyeliner brush is incredibly flimsy and makes it difficult to apply winged liner. It’s totally fine for the top lid, but forget about the wing. The brow brush is fine, I just have so many of those as it is I don’t need another one. Overall, not a great selection.

Aesthetica P12 Face Brush: I like this brush! It’s fluffy and applies bronzer/contour well. Not my favorite, but it’s good!

Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner: I already raved about the packaging in my unboxing post, but I can’t get over it! It’s so perfect!

I’ll be honest I was a little concerned with how it applied the first time; I had to apply multiple layers for it to be black. But I’ve come to the conclusion it was the brush I was using. It was just too flimsy! The product itself is great! It applies easily and it lasts!


Cover FX Blurring Primer: I’m not a fan of this primer because it’s silicone based and I wear water based foundation (Too Faced Born This Way). It has a tint but applies sheer (even to my pale skin). The formula is thick and does fill in my pores a bit, not that I’m too concerned with them.

However, after it’s on for about 15 minutes or so it starts to sting. I don’t know if it’s because I have sensitive skin or dry skin or what. Regardless of the reason the stinging can’t be good. I’ll gift this to a friend who has a different skin type than me.

Han Skin Care Lip Gloss, Raspberry Chardonnay: This lip gloss smells amazing! In my previous post I said it smells like cake but I think it actually smells like cake frosting. Like buttercream. I just realized that this is the second item in my box that makes me want to eat sweets.

This gloss is slightly shimmery and shiny in all the right places. It really picks up the light and makes my lips appear a little fuller. I surprisingly like the color considering I normally don’t normally go for pinks. Now that I think about it, Boxycharm has really forced me to open up to pinks these past few months.

This lip gloss is my second favorite thing in this box (behind the eyeliner). Does it last all day? No, it’s lip gloss. What lip gloss does last all day? The color is beautiful, it smells great and the formula picks up the light like a dream.

What did you think of your May box? Until next time!


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