Adventure Time! Grand Canyon: Day 2

Hey guys! Our first day at the Grand Canyon was amazing! It was a lot of walking but worth it!

My husband and I actually ended up sleeping in the Jeep (because of a certain snoring someone). We put the back seats down so that we had a flat surface and put all of the blankets down for some cushioning. I slept great! Seriously, sleeping in the Jeep completely changed the way we’re going to vacation!

After we packed everything up we decided to drive around the Grand Canyon instead of taking the shuttles. Considering most of the crowds are in the mornings this was a fantastic plan.

There are plenty of lookouts along the road and there weren’t too many private vehicles so we didn’t have a problem finding parking spots.

It was absolutely beautiful!

The sheer size in mind-blowing!

On the drive back to Vegas we were glad that we decided to spend the night at the Grand Canyon. It would have been too much for one day.

We’re already planning our next camping trip! Thank you for reading!

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