Adventure Time! Vegas: Day 3

We had a few days of fantastic cool weather in Vegas, which is perfect for hiking! My physical therapist really hates me after this week. Why did I do so much activity and stress my knee so much? My brother was in town! We were having fun! I didn’t want to be boring!

Red Rock Canyon

The last time my brother was in Vegas I took him to Red Rock but I had to take him again! It’s my favorite place in Vegas! I have an annual pass, obviously, and I go hiking as much as possible! Even in the summer when it’s too hot to hike I like to drive by and just take in the view. It’s just so peaceful. And, great for stargazing at night!

Red Rock from a distance.

There are over 20 trails at Red Rock but my favorite trail is Calico Tanks. It’s not too strenuous and it offers a great view of the Las Vegas valley!


Calico Tanks view of the Las Vegas valley.

Red Rock is perfect for non-hikers as well. There is a scenic loop that circles the park and there are plenty of stops with views.


The contrast of the rocks against the surrounding environment is beautiful! The color is actually due to iron in the rock that oxidized.


The day really went from cloudy to blue.

Red Rock is an interesting park because the terrain changes from one side to the other. The Calico Tanks trail is more of a desert terrain but the further you drive around the scenic loop the more spots of green you get.



My husband’s favorite part about Red Rock is the off-road trail that goes into the mountains. There’s even a tour company that does the off-road trail if you don’t have the proper vehicle!

Have you ever been to Red Rock?

Thank you for reading!

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