Adventure Time! Vegas: Day 2

One of my husband’s favorite things to do is off-roading in the desert. As I’ve mentioned, we have a Jeep Wrangler and you just can’t be a Jeep owner and not get it dirty.

Just taking the Jeep out for another adventure!

Las Vegas is literally in the middle of nowhere. Not even five minutes from our house is pure desert. We just drive and explore on our days off!

There are trails others have made or you can forge your own! You can drive for hours out into the nothingness! It’s both terrifying and fascinating at the same time. When you’re out in the desert you realize how small you are. You can gaze into the distance in any direction and find nothing.

In the middle of nowhere.

My brother loved exploring the desert and off-roading! He has a Jeep as well and I think we inspired him to get out and explore more!

Are there adventurous things you can do in your backyard?

Thanks for reading!

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