Adventure Time! Grand Canyon: Day 1

Welcome to my Adventure Time series Vegas style! If you missed Day One check out my post here!

My favorite thing about living in Vegas is the outdoors. Sure Vegas isn’t named Sin City for nothing and there are a lot of fun things to do on the Strip and downtown. But, the nature around Vegas is spectacular!

You’re hours away from Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Valley of Fire State Park and Death Valley. Even if you don’t want to venture out too far Lake Mead (where you’ll find the Hoover Dam), Mount Charleston and Red Rock Canyon are all less than an hour from Vegas. My brother’s request was to go to the Grand Canyon!

When planning a trip to the Grand Canyon you have to decide which rim to visit: North, South or West. In my honest opinion the West Rim sucks. It’s only about two to four miles wide, it’s incredibly expensive because it’s not owned by the government and the Skywalk is a joke. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like to waste money on mediocre things. The North and South rims are the ways to go where the canyon is 18 miles wide.

We decided to visit the South Rim because my husband and I had never been (we’ve only been to the West Rim before). My husband refused to do the trip in one day because it’s a four and a half hour drive from Vegas. After looking at the outrageous hotel prices I made the executive decision to camp. It’s only $18 for a campsite! How hard could it be? I was in girl scouts for like a year. Also I lived in China so if that doesn’t get you ready for camping I don’t know what would.

Sibling love!

I haven’t been camping since the fiasco of 2006 when we went to Florida for a family vacation. It was humid, nobody slept because of snoring monsters and everyone got eaten alive by mosquitoes (except for me because I wasn’t too cool for the repellent). My dad locked himself in the van to watch movies all night and said that the kids had to get a real camping experience. I just remember it being awful.

My husband and I have been wanting to go camping for a while! We have a Jeep Wrangler and my husband is obsessed with Youtube videos of people camping in their jeeps. He’s actually never been camping in his life! This trip my coworker was kind enough to let us borrow her tent!

Somehow we put this together!

I must say, camping at the Grand Canyon is fantastic! We stayed at Mather Point campground and it was well set up, the staff was organized and it was clean! Even the bathrooms were fairly clean!

The coolest thing about the campsite was that mule deer walk around freely. They are so peaceful and you can tell that they aren’t bothered by the humans in the park. One literally say down next to our campsite and watched us put up the tent! That in itself was an adventure because none of us had ever put up a tent by ourselves.

We arrived at the campsite around 1:00pm because we hit some traffic along the way. After setting up the tent, eating lunch and getting the campsite ready for nightfall, we were finally ready to see the Grand Canyon around 3:00pm!

The Grand Canyon has a shuttle service to take visitors around the park. Again, this place is so well organized! The shuttles run about every 15 minutes and the drivers are friendly. The first bus we got on was completely packed and we began to worry about our timing. However, after we changed shuttle buses to take the Hermit Road bus we were completely in the clear! Everyone else must have been tired from a long day of hiking or they had to drive back to their hotels. Don’t get me wrong, there were still a good amount of people but not nearly the amount I had anticipated.

We rode the bus to the end of the line and then chose a stop a few miles from the Grand Canyon Village to start walking. I cannot say this enough: the West Rim is a joke. The views of the South Rim are incredible! Absolutely breathtaking!

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

Thank you for reading!

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