Unboxing: Boxycharm May 2018

Hey guys! It’s that time of the month again! I actually received this box a few days ago but I’m been incredibly busy. Crazy right? I was too busy to post my Boxycharm? What kind of madness is going on in my life?

I almost couldn’t fit everything in one picture!

I wasn’t necessarily thrilled this month based off of the spoilers. However, I am very happy with this box!


This box included a Pur Sculptor Palette, CoverFX Blurring Primer, Aesthetica Pro Brush Series set, Han Skincare Lip Gloss and Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner.

Pur Sculptor Palette

Pür Sculptor Palette: My favorite thing about this palette is that it smells like chocolate! It’s wonderful! I haven’t dipped into this palette yet but I’m excited to try it out! The dark brown may be too dark for me to use as a contour but it should be great as an eye shadow!


CoverFX Blurring Primer: Primer is something that I’m never disappointed with receiving! I’m not thrilled that this primer’s first ingredient is dimethicone because I don’t wear a silicone based foundation. I’ll give it a try though and see how it works!


Aesthetica Pro Brush Series: I’m excited to use these brushes! I’m glad that we got brushes that we can use with the eyeliner pot! I especially like the small angled brush!


Han Skincare Lip Gloss: This lip gloss smells incredible! It reminds me of my favorite lip gloss from middle school. I don’t remember the brand but it smelled like birthday cake. This lip gloss took me back immediately! I’m excited to try it out and see how it looks!


Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner: Look at this packaging!


This is seriously the most impressive packaging! It’s so clever! I feel like I really do need a feather pen to do my eyeliner now! It doesn’t feel cheap either; it has some weight to it! I’m so excited to try it out!

Do you subscribe to Boxycharm? What did you think of this box? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Unboxing: Boxycharm May 2018

  1. I love that pretty vulgar ink gel liner! I’m so happy it was in the box this month. I’ll need to try using that dark shade in the palette as eyeshadow, I tried to contour with it and it just made my face look dirty lol
    I wish I got the same lip product as you, the one I got is sooo drying 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! I haven’t tried any of these yet! I’ll have to try them tomorrow! I’ve been so busy! I’m glad that you like the eyeliner! I’m excited to try it out!! Which lip product did you get?


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