Keto Dinner Party

Hey guys! My husband and I have recently made some pretty great friends and, even better, they’re a couple! We’ve been hanging out with them a lot recently and they decided to hop on the keto train!

We shared all of our tips and a lot of our fails. They are both loving it! We’ve been scheduling our cheat meals so that we can all have dinner together; which is fantastic! But what’s even better is that they invited us over for a keto meal!

I brought a bottle of cab and they provided the food!

Deviled eggs!

When we got there they had deviled eggs as appetizers along with pickles and an assortment of nuts!

The main course was steak and chicken thigh skewers! They cooked them on the grill with olive oil!

I really should have made this look more appealing…

We had salad on the side with avocado, cheese, salami and olive oil.

Sorry my pictures aren’t all that great; I was trying not to be the weirdo taking pictures of the food they prepared! The dinner party was a success! Next time we’ll have it at our place (and I’ll take better pictures).

Thanks for reading!

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