Colourpop Mini Haul

Oh Colourpop how I love you. I can’t help but check to see what’s new. I also can’t help but make purchases after a few glasses of wine…


Last time I made a Colourpop purchase I bought concealer in Light 20 and it matched my skin perfectly! However, I live in Vegas and it’s getting warmer outside. With the warm weather I’ve spent a little more time in the sun and, although I wear sunscreen, I’ve got some color. Light 20 is no longer a perfect match. So, I returned to Colourpop to try a new shade for summer!


Medium 26 – This shade will be perfect for summer!

Medium 28 – This looks like it will be too dark, but I can always mix it!

Small Tapered Brush – Sometimes I buy things and I don’t know why. This is a blending brush meant for the crease. It feels flimsier than my other crease/blending brushes, but I’ll give it a try!


Issues (Pressed powder shadow) – I do not remember ordering this shade. For some reason I thought I ordered a nude shade. Oh well!


Brady (Super shock shadow) – I’m excited to try this out! It looks so pretty! The website describes it as a “soft matte dusty rose.” I’m all about that!


Rose Quartz Crystal Priming Spray- I’ve been interested in their setting sprays and priming sprays since they came out. When I placed my order they were out of the setting sprays, but I’ll give the priming spray a go! Plus, it’s supposed to be hydrating (which is just what I need)!

Neko says hello again!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Stay tuned for reviews!

Thanks for reading! x

13 thoughts on “Colourpop Mini Haul

  1. I love ColourPop products so much! I have that shade Brady and it’s beautiful, I think you’ll really like it!
    Good thinking on getting a darker concealer for summer, I’m planning on placing an order soon and I didn’t think about that at all.

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    1. Oh yay! I’m excited to try Brady out! 😊 It’s impossible not to get sun out here no matter how much sunscreen I wear so I always have to go darker in the summer 😂


      1. Oh man I think Arizona gets worse! It gets to like 120 here in the summer so I’m pretty much only outside in parking lots walking to and from my car! 😅 Do your in-laws Love there all year round or just in the winter months?


      2. Ugh that’s waaay too hot 😰 I hope you have air conditioning 😂
        They just fly down for the winter every year. They were there from October to April this year, but then it got too hot so they came home lol

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      3. Oh my gosh that’s crazy! I don’t think I could handle a blizzard! I can’t even handle the snow when I go home in the winter now! Vegas has made me a baby when it comes to cold! Does everything shut down or do you deal with it?


      4. You get used to it, but it’s still not fun! No nothing shuts down for snow here ever, sometimes kids won’t go outside for recess if it’s 40 below but other than that everything stays the same. Snow days are sadly not a real thing in Canada 😆

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