April Boxycharm 2018 Review

I was so so so excited for this month’s Boxycharm because of the promise of a Colourpop palette. Turns out I ended up being excited about other things.

The five products I got in my Boxycharm this month!

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Purifying Mask – Okay Boxycharm, I love getting skin products but can I please please please get something for dry skin? I tried this on a small patch of my skin on my nose. It really does feel like a vacuum sucking that part of the skin. Would I use it on other parts of my face? No. My skin is too dry to be using a drying product anywhere.

Aside from the tightening feeling I didn’t actually notice a physical difference so I don’t know that it actually did anything. I’ll gift this to a friend with oily or combination skin and let them try it out!

This stuff retails for $42 on the Sephora website. Would I spend that kind of money on this product? Well, I don’t have oily skin so obviously not. Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Purifying Mask only contains one ounce of product. That’s a lot of money for only one ounce. This isn’t something that I’m interested in, but hey, we’re all different!

Golden State of Mind Palette by Colourpop  Let’s get this out of the way. If you want my full review check it out here. Long story short, I hate this palette. It retails at $26 originally but it is on sale for $20. I personally wouldn’t spend any money on this because it’s all shimmers and most of the formulas aren’t great. Next.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter – I don’t particularly like liquid highlighters. They just don’t sit as well over foundation as the non-liquids do. The only way I can wear this highlighter is on bare skin, which is fine because I don’t always wear foundation.

However, I’m not a fan of this product because it’s glittery and this shade is too dark and too pink for my skin. It just doesn’t blend into my skin like some of my other highlighters. You can see it sitting on top of the skin and it’s just too glittery. I don’t want my highlight to look glittery; I want it to look natural, especially if I’m not wearing foundation.

This retails for $29. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on this highlighter. Go for a Colourpop highlighter that’s a fraction of the price and not so glittery.

Brow tint.

BrowGal Instatint Eyebrow Gel – I’m down with this product. Is it the best brow product ever? No. Is it a one stop shop brow product? Also no. It does add a bit of a tint to the brows for a natural look which is great for going to physical therapy when I wear only mascara. It’s not a very noticeable tint though.

Maybe this product is too light for my brows. My hair is naturally auburn but my eyebrows are dark. My mom said when I was born I had dark brown almost black hair and then it all fell out and grew in ginger. My eyebrows, however, did not fall out so they are still dark. I think because I stated I have auburn hair on my Boxycharm profile they sent me a light color.

Let’s talk numbers. BrowGal Instatint Eyebrow Gel retails for $22. Upon further review of the website there are only three shades available: dark hair, brown hair and light hair. I was given the brown hair shade, which should technically work in theory. I don’t think I would purchase this myself but I do enjoy it.

This lipstick is bomb.

Adesse New York High Definition Liquid Lipstick – Woah! I’m totally shocked by how much I love this lipstick! Lip products are normally not my favorites because I hate my lips and lip things just don’t excite me, but this lipstick is amazing! It’s creamy, it’s light, it doesn’t dry my lips out at all and the color is so beautiful! I’m obsessed with this formula! Major win!

I haven’t actually purchase a lipstick in a long time. After all I do have quite the Colourpop liquid lipstick collection. Adesse New York High Definition Liquid Lipstick retails for $24 on the Adesse website. Would I purchase this again? Yes! Would I purchase a different shade? Also yes! They only have six shades on their website so hopefully they come out with more! I really love this formula!

I’m trying out some different locations in my house for pictures. Still not sure where to get the best lighting… I’m only wearing BrowGal Instatint Eyebrow Gel on my brows. The base of my eyes is from the Dream St. palette by Colourpop but the inner lid shimmer is the shade Just In Time from Golden State of Mind. This shade I do like! I also used the shade Golden Egg in my inner corner. The highlight is Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter (you can’t see how blotchy it is in real life). This leaves us with the lips! The lips are Adesse New York High Definition Liquid Lipstick.

This is the exact same look from above but in different lighting. And wearing a different shirt because I lost my black pants. Let me say that again… I lost my black pants. How did that happen?

Which lighting do you guys prefer? I’m still trying to figure it out. The lovely brown walls all over the house really help the natural light shine through (we’re renting I did not paint those walls). Maybe I need to try a different time of day. It’s a work in progress.

I got some good things in this box but it was honestly pretty disappointing. I got myself so excited for the Colourpop palette and I think the disappointment from the Golden State of Mind palette really ruined it for me.

Anyway, this box was totally worth it to me just because of the Adesse Liquid Lipstick! What do you think?

Thank you for reading! x

7 thoughts on “April Boxycharm 2018 Review

  1. I’m sorry this box was so disappointing for you 😦
    I wouldn’t have been pleased with the golden state of mind palette and I agree on the Pores no more. It’s weird they sent something out specifically targeted towards one skin group and not the other.
    I do actually like the Tarte highlight but I think that I received a different shade, mine looks a little lighter :S

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s okay! I think I could wear the highlight on my lids as a shimmer eyeshadow! I’ll have to try that out! But yeah it’s too dark to look blend in with my skin 😂


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