Golden State of Mind by Colourpop Palette Review

I got this product in my Boxycharm this month. Check out my post here for my initial reaction. I wasn’t happy. This palette is all shimmers and I don’t wear shimmers very often. But my unhappiness grows…

The package is so pretty so I had high expectations.

After I had the chance to swatch this palette I’m even less happy! Colourpop, what happened with these formulas? Is this just old and they’re starting to expire? Because I love Colourpop. My favorite palettes are from Colourpop. But this… this is bad. These shimmers are awful! They’re glittery, chunky and chalky.

Top left: Golden Egg, Pay the Piper, GRLFRND, Zero Clue and Watch Out. Middle left: Drizzle, Uptight, Can’t Stop, Sparkler and Unsupervised. Bottom left: Just In Time, Mind Tricks, Wing Woman, Heads or Tales and Tinker Time.

This palette has a lot of shades, but quantity does not make up for quality. Let’s get into the swatches. (There was no editing done to the swatches so you can see how they really look.)

First row:

Starting with the top swatch: Golden Egg, Pay the Piper, GRLFRND, Zero Clue and Watch Out.
  • Golden Egg – It’s okay but it’s very powdery. I can’t imagine it staying on your eyes well.
  • Pay the Piper – No, don’t pay anyone. This formula is so chalky! It was so hard to do a simple swatch!
  • GRLFRND – This is strange because it looks white in the pan but it’s actually purple. Kinda cool! It’s like a unicorn purple shimmer. I wouldn’t wear it often, but it’s pretty.
  • Zero Clue – Actual orange chalk might stick to your skin better.
  • Watch Out – Indeed. Watch out because this breaks apart as soon as you rub your finger on it! Glitter chunks everywhere. Chalky. I’m surprised it stayed on my skin long enough for me to take a picture. Worst so far.

Let’s move on to the second row…

Starting with the top swatch: Drizzle, Uptight, Can’t Stop, Sparkler and Unsupervised.
  • Drizzle – I got dust from this one all over the palette after I tried to do the swatch. You need some glitter glue to make this one stick to your skin. Pretty color though.
  • Uptight – This is okay but I don’t understand why these are so powdery!
  • Can’t Stop – This is true. You can’t stop the fallout. Giant glitter chunks everywhere. You can even see one of the white glitter chunks on my arm that I didn’t notice.
  • Sparkler – The color is so pretty but why such big glitter chunks? It totally fell apart on my arm too! Look at that swatch! I put my arm down and it all fell!
  • Unsupervised – This formula is actually good. I’m happy with this one!

The third row is my favorite row.

Starting from the top: Just In Time, Mind Tricks, Wing Woman, Heads or Tales and Tinker Time.
  • Just In Time – Everything bad that I’ve said about all the other shades does not apply to this one. This is amazing! It’s more metallic looking and the formula is so creamy. And that color? Love!
  • Mind Tricks – This one isn’t too bad. It took a while to build it up but it’s not chalky and chunky like some of the others. It’s kind of a gray/purple color.
  • Wing Woman – This is like a worse version of Just In Time. It has the glitter chunks but it’s definitely more manageable than others. I like the copper color so I’ll probably use it one day.
  • Heads or Tales – This one I like! Not as much as Just In Time, but I like it. It has some glitter chunks but not as many as the others.
  • Tinker Time – This one is okay too. The color is beautiful!

This palette is originally $26 on the Colourpop website but it’s currently on sale for $20. I wouldn’t even buy this palette for $5. I just wouldn’t but it. I’m not crazy about shimmers as it is, but if I’m going to put a shimmer on my lid it needs to be a good formula that glides on easily and stays.

If you’d like more of a breakdown here it is! There are 15 shades in this palette, each weighting in at one gram. At $26 this palette costs $1.73 per gram and at $20 this palette costs $1.33 per gram. You’re saving a bit of money with this sale, and it does come out to be less expensive per gram than other Colourpop palettes but for good reason: it’s not as good.

Colourpop has some great shimmers! I have them! I use them! But this palette does not reflect Colourpop as a brand.

I hope this review helps if you were looking to purchase this palette. I’m pretty disappointed but they can’t all be winners.

Be well!

8 thoughts on “Golden State of Mind by Colourpop Palette Review

  1. I was super disappointed with this palette and ended up returning mine after purchase and trying it. I love some of colourpop’s products, like their highlighters and some of the shadows. So I was disappointed. Also not a fan of their matte liquid lipsticks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Their matte liquid lipsticks are sooo drying! I wonder if this is one of the first palettes they created and the formulas weren’t perfected yet? And they just left them? I’m making excuses but dang it’s so bad!


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