Re-Feed Day

Hey guys!

So, I’ve been going strong with the ketogenic diet but every now and then you want to have a cheat day.

It’s my personal belief that re-feed days are completely fine, as long as you don’t go overboard. I don’t want to call this a cheat day because in the past I definitely abused cheat days.

When we lived in Australia a few years ago we were counting calories to the decimal. It was awful. I ate 1200 calories a day on a low carb and low fat diet. All kinds of mistakes. When I had a cheat day I would use it as an excuse to binge eat everything in sight. Again, mistake.

I’m not exaggerating. I would wake up extra early to maximize eating time, and, of course, take a nap in the middle of the day after crashing. I’d eat a giant stack of pancakes for breakfast, a burger and fries for lunch and an entire large pizza for dinner. Not to mention the snacks and desserts in between. Yikes.

I would eat more than my husband on cheat days. That should have been my first sign that I was abusing them.

Now I’m ready to embrace cheat days as more of a carb loading type of day, hence the name re-feed.

So let’s get into it!

Pork belly benedict with breakfast potatoes and decaf coffee.

I honestly planned on taking a really nice photo of my breakfast, but I was so excited when I got it that I dug in immediately. I tried to make it look nice again here. I ordered the pork belly benedict from my favorite breakfast restaurant in Vegas called Kitchen Table Squared. The flavors are amazing and the pork belly melts in your mouth. I’m not lying when I say I’ve been looking forward to this meal since I started keto.

They also have amazing monkey bread here that isn’t overly sweet. But after all that food there was no way I could order dessert. See? Stop eating when you’re full; I’m learning!

This may sound crazy to those of you who don’t follow the ketogenic diet but I crave apples like no tomorrow. It’s my one vice on keto. I’ll be walking through the produce aisle and those apples looking all crisp and juicy just call to me. It’s torture!

So, of course, I just had to stop by the store and get an organic apple!

Normally, in the middle of a cheat day, I have a great workout. The day after a cheat day is even better and I utilize that day for legs. Sadly, that is not the case this week. I went to the doctor to get my knee checked out and, after he messed with it, the pain has gotten worse. Hooray. I’ll have an updated post about that coming up.

So, instead of an epic workout I decided to was time to fire up the PS4 and beat Horizon Zero Dawn.

On to the main event!

My favorite food is pizza. I love pizza. Who doesn’t? Even my brother who hates cheese loves pizza! When my husband and I first moved to Vegas many years ago we began our mission to find the perfect pizza. Fast food pizza just doesn’t cut it. We tried just about every single pizza place here. We even had a ranking system in our phones. We’re a little strange.

The winner? Grimaldi’s. Hands down Grimaldi’s. It’s not greasy, the ingredients taste real and fresh, the dough is fantastic and I love the baby pepperonis! Nothing else comes close. There are actually Grimaldi’s all over the country but we’d never heard of it until we moved here.

So where do we go for our re-feed day? Grimaldi’s! Sometimes we eat there at the bar because the bartender, Kurt, is the best. But normally we get carry out and eat it at home so that we can watch a movie.

This time we ate it at home so that we could continue watching Love. It’s a series on Netflix about a quirky couple in L.A. It’s so hipster but we love it!

Honestly, after the pizza, I didn’t even want any dessert. Desserts aren’t something I crave because I can have keto fluff or a fat bomb any day of the week!

Back on keto tomorrow!

Be well!

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