Boxycharm by Pür Palette Review

Hey guys!

As you know from my March unboxing, this month’s Boxycharm included a palette created by Pür specifically for Boxycharm subscribers!

I didn’t want to review this palette until I had plenty of time to play with it and I sure experienced several emotions towards this palette.

When I first got it I was so excited to be getting a Pür palette. After I opened it, I was less thrilled with the peachy and pink heavy shade options. As soon as I swatched the eye shadows I was in love with how pigmented the shades are! After I attempted my first eye look, however, I became discouraged because the fallout of Charmer really threw me off. My next eye look I became even more discouraged because I attempted to use Squad and it was a complete fail. Those first few bumps aside, I’m now back to being in love with this palette after playing with the other shades!


First of all, I love this packaging! It’s simple, yet cute. The white package does get dirty quite easily, but I’m not too concerned about that. My favorite part about this packaging is that it has a mirror! The simple fact that it has a mirror tells me I’ll get more use out of it because it’s more convenient to travel with or take to work.

I also really like how Pür sets up their eye shadow palettes. They line up the colors that go together in columns so you know which eye shadows compliment each other best. I think this is great for beginners! Not that you can’t be adventurous and mix and match the colors (because that’s what I ended up doing), but sometimes it’s nice to have guidelines.

Two pieces of advice:

1) DO NOT do your foundation before applying the shimmers. The shimmers have some fallout (some more than others). I recommend using your finger to apply all of the shimmers.

2) The shimmers looks much better if they aren’t placed on top of another shade. Wherever you want to put the shimmer, cover that area in concealer first or go in with a Q-tip and remove the eyeshadow from that portion of the lid.


There are 12 eye shadows in this palette. The swatches are gorgeous and they build up well on my arm.

Let’s talk about the shades:

Pürfect – It doesn’t show up in a swatch on my skin because it’s literally the same color as my skin. I’ve been using it for my brow bone. It’s okay.

Nakey – This color didn’t call to me after looking at it in the palette but I’m obsessed with this in my crease! It’s perfect! I love the orange! It’s great for creating a sunset look and even for blending with other colors to look more natural. Although it didn’t call to me at first, this is one of my favorite shades in this palette!

Belle – This shade is soft and pretty. It’s definitely a crease shade and it pairs beautifully with the other pink shades in this column.

Squad – Yikes. The formula of this eye shadow is awful. It would not stick to my eyes with a brush, my finger or even wet. It all fell down below my eyes or straight up didn’t even pick up from the pan. Hard pass.

Charmer – This has so much fallout. I love the shade because I’ve been really into neutrals recently. However, oh my gosh the fallout! Even after I applied it with my finger! Also, it doesn’t stay on my lid through the day… This is a bummer because this shade would be so versatile. I think this shade is mostly glitter and that’s why it doesn’t stick.

Alliance – This is such a pretty bronze! The formula is better than Charmer, not glittery.

Bae – This is a beautiful shimmery pink! It transitions so well to the BFF shade! It reminds me of a subtle romantic, almost rose colored pink. Never have I loved pink so much!

ATL – I don’t understand the name of this one. I just thought of All Time Low, you know one of those bands you listen to in high school? Based off of my swatches I thought this would be my favorite shade but it didn’t quite make it to the top spot. The color is beautiful and romantic but you must apply it with your finger.

Duet – This brown is dark dark dark and perfect for smudging! I wore it in the outer v of my eyes and it created some great dimension. I did have to work with it a bit to not look muddy on my eyes so blend blend blend.

MIA – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: blue is not something I’ll put on my eyes unless I’m going to an 80’s dance party, which I’m totally down for by the way. That being said, this is a beautiful bright blue! Should I be a mermaid for Halloween? Can I rock this at work?

BFF – I know you’re tired of hearing how pigmented these eye shadows are but seriously? Look at that swatch! Also it is so beautiful on the eyes! It’s not quite as dark as it looks in the pan (which is a good thing for me) and it blends so so well. I don’t normally love pink but I love this color! How many times have I said I don’t like pink and then contradict myself in this post? That third column has made me change my views! Favorite shade hands down!

Boxy Black – The black is so so so soft! Wow!And pigmented! The swatch is from one dip! It doesn’t give me a true black on the lid at first but it is buildable. It looks like a purple sparkled galaxy against a black backdrop in the tray but on the eye it’s just a hint of shimmer.

If you’re interested in this palette and you don’t have Boxycharm not to worry! Pür is selling it on their website for $36 which ends up costing $3 per eye shadow. If we look into the cost per gram it is $2 per gram. This ends up being more expensive than their other palettes currently available on the website. Their Visionary eye shadow palette retails at $32, and at 2 grams per eye shadow it costs $2.67 per eye shadow and $1.33 per gram.

Let’s compare it to my favorite palette of the moment: Dream St. by Colourpop. Dream St. retails at $16 resulting in $1.33 per eye shadow and costs $1.57 per gram (each shadow is .85 grams). Just now I realized it is surprisingly more expensive than the regular Pür eye shadow palettes. Interesting… The more you know.

Honesty time, this palette is not worth it. I personally wouldn’t spend $36 on this palette because the formulas aren’t great (especially the shimmers). I’m not mad that I got it in my Boxycharm though! I got other great things in the box and I do love Nakey and BFF so at least I’ll get some use out of it!

Be well!

6 thoughts on “Boxycharm by Pür Palette Review

  1. I just got this palette in the mail too! I love the bottom row of shades but was rather disappointed by the amount of peachy/pink shades. They’re all so similar! And the fallout is insane. I probably wouldn’t purchase it on my own but since I got it from Boxycharm I’ll use it!

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