Pretty Vulgar Blush Review

Hey guys!

As many of you know, I got the Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush blush in the shade Hush Blush in my Boxycharm this month. Wow, that’s a lot of blush!

Pretty Vulgar Hush Blush

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about this blush when I took it out of my Boxycharm. The packaging feels cheaper than I was expecting given how incredible it looks! I expected it to be heavy and made of metal. I mean, look at this design! It’s beautiful!

The shade Hush Blush is along the lines of a rose color, which I love! I also love that it’s matte; I haven’t been into the shimmers recently.

So, what do I think?

Wow! This blush builds like a dream! It’s so easy to get the shade and the intensity that you want! It applies evenly, not splotchy at all, and the color is beautiful! I’m sold!

After researching this blush on the Pretty Vulgar website I was pleased to see that it is cruelty free. The package doesn’t have the cruelty free bunny on it so I wasn’t sure about it. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I’m trying to move to using only cruelty free products. Luckily, the majority of the makeup world is too.

Not only is it cruelty free but it’s sulfate free, fragrance free, paraben free, gluten free and vegan.

They have seven other shades on their website if you’re interested in checking them out. I’m glad that I got the rose color because that’s the one I would have chosen from their shade options.

According to my handy dandy Boxycharm info card this blush has a retail value of $26. Would I pay $26 for blush? Let’s do the math…

This blush is six grams so it is $4.33 per gram. That’s a little pricey for blush especially because Ofra blushes that cost $3 per gram and because Physician’s Formula Butter Blush is roughly $1.91 per gram.

All of that being said, one dip of my brush went so far on my pale skin that I had to blend it out to mute the color! With Ofra and Physician’s Formula I have to dip into the pan several times to get my desired shade.

Worth the money? Considering I use less product I’d say yes!

I’m impressed with this product overall. It’s beautiful, it’s pigmented and it builds well. I’m thrilled that I got it in my Boxycharm!

Be well!

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