Workout Leggings Review

I’ve been trying to stay away from spending money recently (you know, new job with less money but more grown up…) and then President’s Day sales happened. I didn’t go crazy though, which is progress. I did need some new workout leggings (I’ve lost some weight with keto) and it’s really cold in my garage right now.

I’m sure you guys are the same, but I have my favorite brands as far as workout clothes go. For sports bras and shirts I prefer H&M (sometimes Forever 21) but for leggings I prefer Old Navy. (I’ve heard great things about Lululemon leggings and Gymshark leggings. But I’m rollin on a budget and Old Navy had a killer sale. So, I’ll leave those brands on my “Things to get when I’m rich” list.)

Back to Old Navy. There is something about Old Navy’s fabric and the quality that just really fits my body great. In fact, the leggings I receive the most compliments on are from Old Navy! I bought them about five years ago and they’re still going strong!

Let’s get into it!

I purchased three pairs of leggings that fit the following criteria: full length and high waisted. I have several cropped leggings but I prefer full length. I just feel more comfortable in them… I don’t know why. I also prefer high waisted. I hate having to pull my leggings up after a set or worrying that they’re falling down. Plus, high waisted leggings suck in your tummy a bit more.

I’ve tested all of these leggings and I’m satisfied with all three! They are all even squat proof! You know, when you squat down all the way and the fabric doesn’t become sheer. Major plus! Not that anyone would see my underwear anyway because I work out in my garage, but it’s good for you guys to know.

I was drawn to the fun color-block design of these leggings. I don’t own a lot of “fun” leggings so I thought I would start with these! They’re up my alley because I really don’t wear colors except for my chucks. These are comfortable and compression which is a big plus for me!

I really love the design of these black ones! The mesh cutouts make the plain black a little more fun. I was hesitant about these because I have some mesh cutout leggings from Forever 21 and the mesh is stiff and not breathable. However, I’m glad I took a chance on these because the mesh is extremely soft and the fabric is breathable. They’re surprisingly comfortable given the design!

This pair is my favorite by far! They aren’t the coolest because they’re plain gray and I don’t even remember why I chose these. I’m just so glad I did! The material is incredibly soft! I want to live in these! Is it appropriate is it to wear these to the office? I must buy these in every color! Another major plus is that these are compression so they’re nice and tight around my legs!

I’m so happy with my purchase! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of these if you’re in the market for some good workout leggings!

Do you guys have a favorite brand of workout clothes? Let me know in the comments!

Be well!

4 thoughts on “Workout Leggings Review

    1. You just canโ€™t beat being able to get almost three pairs of Old Navy leggings for the price of one pair of Gym shark ones! But one day!๐Ÿ˜Š


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