Looking for motivation?

Hey guys!

I thought I’d share something that really motivated me this week!

I love listening to podcasts, specifically The Joe Rogan Experience. I usually listen when I’m driving to and from work so I listen to the podcasts in pieces over a few days. My favorite episodes are listening to scientists but the other day I decided to listen to click on the David Goggins episode. I’m so glad I did!

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL, he’s an ultra-marathon runner, triathlete and his list goes on. What I found most fascinating about the podcast is his story and how he just looked at his life one day and decided he could do better.

Without ruining anything it’s very motivating and I recommend listening to it if you’re looking for a little motivation.

Listen to the podcast here! Or just search The Joe Rogan Experience #1080 with David Goggins. It’s a great listen for on your way to work or the gym!

Let me know what you think!

Be well!

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