Failing In The Gym

One thing that I’ve been doing in the gym recently is failing. Before I would be so afraid of failing in the gym because of embarrassment or ego or what have you. My husband has told me for years to push myself and if I fail then it’s okay because I know that I pushed my muscles to the limit. He would say “How do you know you can’t hit that weight if you’ve never even tried?” Good point. Fear and ego got in my way.

That has all changed. Recently I’ve been pushing myself much harder even to the point of failing sometimes. If I’ve been doing well and I’m feeling strong I’ll go for a heavier weight. Sometimes I’ll hit it and I’m ecstatic because I never would have tried before out of fear. Sometimes I fail. And you know what? It’s not as scary as I once thought!

In fact it feels good! The struggle just before failure is worth it. It makes me want to hit that weight that much harder. I didn’t get it today? Okay let’s lower the weight and keep going, I’ll get it next time!

In fact today I was feeling good with my bench and after hitting 95lbs I decided to chase the 100lbs. I struggled on my way up and I hit that point where my arms just couldn’t push up anymore. I struggled for a bit and fought it but ultimately failed the set. Sure I thought I could hit it so I’m a little bummed. But I know that I tried and with a little more work I can hit it!

I am failing safely. I have the pins set up so I won’t hurt myself because I do work out by myself. I test the height with the bar before I start my workout just to be sure.

I know it’s easy for me to be okay with failing now because I work out at home and no one sees it except for my cats. But I’m feeling more confident now and my numbers are going up more quickly! That’s what matters to me!

I just want to say that it’s okay to fail! It’s okay to not reach your goal because failure makes you stronger both mentally and physically. Don’t let fear of failing keep you from progressing! Go for it! Failing is better than not trying! (Just be safe about it!)

Be well!

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