Ketogenic Diet Update: One Month

Beginning a new lifestyle is always going to have some ups and downs. It takes time for your body to get used to changes and for you to mentally get used to the changes.

The energy I feel is great! (Most days.) I have plenty of energy and stamina to get through a tough workout (even leg day) and I don’t find myself crashing after I eat or dizzy when I’m hungry.

An example of one of my go-to meals: brussel sprouts, sauerkraut and sausage with organic mustard.
One of my recent go-to meals: brussel sprouts, sauerkraut, grass-fed sausage and organic mustard.

I don’t have terrible cravings either. Office life definitely puts that to the test considering we have a potluck once a week and there’s always some form of sugar around.

I’ve definitely gotten into a rhythm of what I like to eat and what is convenient for me to take to work.

An example of my work food: my veggie shake, keto coffee, sardines, sausage, sauerkraut and, of course, my reusable water bottle.
Work food: veggie shake, keto coffee, sardines, sauerkraut, sausage and, of course, my reusable water bottle.

I try to take snacks and a meal with me to the office so that I don’t have to worry about eating when I get home (I work the swing shift and get home around 11:00pm). Also, it’s always necessary to have food with you so that you don’t get caught off guard without a snack and faced with a table of cookies and doughnuts.

All in all things are going well.

Except, I’m still not sleeping. This is why my energy is only great most days. After a night of not sleeping my body feels awake but I’m mentally tired and I don’t feel well.

I’ve fallen into this pattern of waking up at 3:30am in the morning and not going back to sleep until around 8:00am. I’ll do that for two days and then the third day, because I imagine my body is so tired, I’ll sleep most of the night through. It’s not healthy and, even though I’ve tried adding magnesium and calcium to my diet, nothing is helping.

I’ve decided that I need to stop letting myself sleep until 10:00am or 10:30am. I need to wake up at 8:00am and just deal with the fact that I had a terrible night sleep. Maybe that will force my body to sleep the night through. Trial and error.

Although the sleep issue is a problem, there are so many positives that I’ve noticed that keep me positive about this lifestyle. My skin has cleared up, I go to the bathroom regularly (I’ve always had a problem with constipation), my libido is up (probably because I have more energy) and I feel mentally sharper. As soon as I get this sleep thing figured out I’ll be golden.

Have you guys noticed any other positives from the ketogenic diet? Let me know in the comments!

Be well!

7 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet Update: One Month

    1. I love it! I feel great on keto! I had a cheat day yesterday and wow do I feel the difference… I feel awful. Won’t be doing that again for a while! Keep at it! 😊


    1. That’s great that you like it! The sleep gets easier the longer you’re on it! I was using melatonin to help me sleep for a few weeks, then I got off of it and I sleep like a baby now!

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