My NuvaRing Experience

Birth control has always been a touchy subject for me. I haven’t used any in about five years. When I was on birth control I was only on a pill. And I tried several.

None of them worked for me. One I gained a lot of weight, another I had crazy mood swings (they were BAD, my husband had to sit me down and tell me he loved me but I had to get off of it), another I tried made me have my period for over a month straight (not spotting, full on)…

I had sworn off of birth controls not wanting to add any hormones to my body. But we were going to Maui for our honeymoon and I was scheduled to be on my period the whole week. That’s no fun. So I asked my gynecologist about birth control options. She suggested the NuvaRing.

I read some mixed reviews online, but after my gynecologist (knowing my past experiences) recommended it to me I decided to take it. After all, I trust her opinion.

I inserted it in the gynecologist’s office and was surprised that I couldn’t feel it. Everything seemed great! I went home, ate lunch, took a nap… the usual things.

A few hours later I woke up in pain. I was cramping pretty bad but I remembered the gynecologist telling me that I may experience some discomfort. I didn’t say anything to my husband and continued with my day assuming it would go away soon.

But the cramping got worse.

I turned to Google (don’t we all?). I came across forums of women complaining of cramping and others saying it goes away after a few months. A FEW MONTHS? I couldn’t live like that for a whole day much less a few months. The cramping was as bad as day one of my period. No way.

I broke down and told my husband (who was against this to begin with). He told me to take it out immediately and I agreed. Done. All better, right? Wrong.

The cramping continued. In fact, it got worse. It was only in my system for six hours or so before I took it out! How was I still experiencing pain?

Google didn’t help me this time. I couldn’t find anything about anyone taking it out the same day.

I cramped and bled for an entire month. I was miserable! My gynecologist told me that NuvaRing slowly releases hormones but I sure felt like it released a lot for me to be feeling the effects a month after. There were times when I couldn’t stand up straight at work because the pain was so intense.

The cramping is finally gone. The bleeding is finally done. But it’s something that I absolutely regret trying. I know that everyone’s body is different and we all react to things differently but I hope that my experience can give you a little insight. Research before you leap, ladies, and always listen to your body.

Be well!

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