Keto Brunch

Like any girl in her 20s, I love brunch. Bottomless mimosas, eggs benedict, monkey bread, pastries… everything about brunch is amazing. Even more so because if you live in a touristy city or have an unconventional job you know that having your weekend on an actual weekend is virtually impossible. So, when my friend and I both had a Saturday off she immediately suggested brunch.

I was initially excited but then I remembered that I’m on keto. That means no to all you can eat and no to all you can drink. She told me that she’s always wanted to try Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock Hotel so I immediately googled their menu.

Culinary Dropout menu.

Brunch on keto isn’t as hard as you think!

Sticking to the basics is key: eggs and bacon is always a solid choice and most places will gladly substitute veggies for the carbs. But I’d had eggs and bacon for breakfast literally every day, I wanted something different.

If you looked at the menu you may have noticed the egg white frittata, I thought that had potential. I asked the server if I could have whole eggs instead of egg whites (I need the fat of the yolks and egg whites provide no nutritional value) and he said yes! I then substituted sausage for the chicken (because you know chicken isn’t my favorite). When I mentioned to the server that I was on keto he even recommended that I add avocado. Great idea (and way to up-sell, my friend)!

Frittata with sausage, cheese, mushrooms, asparagus, kale and avocado.

Of course my friend wanted mimosas because, you know, brunch, so I opted for vodka soda with lime. See? You can still participate!

Drinking isn’t necessary at brunch but it is an activity that I enjoy in moderation. One drink won’t hurt you, although it will slow down the fat burning process (because your body will burn the alcohol first).

Verdict? This isn’t my favorite spot for a keto breakfast but I was pleasantly surprised with the food and the service! If you happen to be in Vegas and are looking for a keto friendly restaurant Culinary Dropout is definitely accommodating.

Stay healthy!

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