Keto Coffee

Hey guys!

Besides the veggie shake (which I will post soon) this is the most important thing that I consume.

Keto coffee is the best way to get your fats in! If I didn’t drink this I’d have a hard time reaching my fat goals without overdoing the carbs and protein. It’s so simple to make and it’ll give you a great boost of energy and keep you full for at least a few hours.

All you need is heavy whipping cream, butter, coconut oil and coffee! I set my machine to brew about two cups of coffee (I put 16 ounces of water in the machine). While that’s brewing, I measure two servings of each ingredient (30ml of heavy cream, 28g of butter and 30g of coconut oil).

Put all of the ingredients and coffee into the blender and blend for about a minute. Tip: I’ve started heating up the butter and the coconut oil in the microwave before putting it in the blender. This helps to keep the coffee hot. I also like to add cinnamon every now and then for a touch of flavor.

There you have it! Creamy coffee to give you a boost of energy!

This keto coffee has a total of 560 calories, a whopping 64g of fat, 1g of protein and 1g of carbs. How’s that for starting your day of right?

Be well!

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