Keto: Week One

I’ve completed seven full days of the ketogenic diet and… I feel great! I’ve hit a few bumps, of course, but there were other circumstances involved.

For instance, I had a pounding headache all day for three days in a row. The headache went away after going home and drinking lots of water which led me to the conclusion that it was dehydration taking a toll on my body. Even though I said I would be much better about drinking water at work, it really hasn’t been easy. (I only have one more week left of the restaurant though so soon I’ll be able to analyze how I feel fully hydrated.)

I’ve also noticed that I’m not sleeping through the night. I’m not sure if it’s because I just got back from vacation with amazing beds and now I can’t get comfortable, the anxiety of starting a new job is keeping me up or the ketogenic diet has hindered my ability to sleep through the night. It’s really too soon to tell what it is. I fall asleep easily but then I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep again. This isn’t a problem that I normally have. I’m normally one of those lucky people who can fall asleep anywhere. Before, if I would wake up in the middle of the night, I would fall right back asleep within a few seconds. Yes, it’s a skill. But I skill that I’ve lost recently.

The first bump I blame on work because I’m not staying on top of my water intake. The second bump, I’m not sure what is causing it because so many factors have changed in the past week. Only time will tell.

Now that I have the negatives out of the way let’s talk positives!

I feel awake all day. You know that crash you feel after eating carbs? After eating a meal you feel great and then an hour later you desperately need a coffee to bring you back to life and to get you through the day. I’ve definitely been there! Give me a stack of pancakes and I’m the happiest person, but talk to me an hour later and I feel like death.

I don’t have that problem with keto. After I eat a meal I feel a steady amount of energy throughout the day. I don’t get hyper or super energized after eating like with carbs, I simply feel awake and clear minded. I would describe it as clean energy.

I’ve really noticed this compared to my colleagues. I drink my keto coffee before my shift and, although it’s only about 540 calories, it keeps me going through the day. Of course I get hungry during my shift and not eating for eight hours isn’t ideal, but I still have that steady amount of energy through my shift.

My coworkers, on the other hand, start complaining about an hour and a half to two hours into their shift. They fill those little cones with coffee or coke to get them over the hump and they continue until their shift is over. Today a coworker told me that she was hungry and lightheaded so she kept drinking coke to make her body feel better. Others complain that they can’t wait to get off work so they can go get In N Out because they’re starving and they can’t make it home without eating. A guy at work has literally broken down into tears because he was so hungry (not I’m not exaggerating), maybe I should introduce him to the ketogenic diet.

I don’t have any of these problems. I do need to be drinking water out of those little cones but I don’t crave caffeine (because I haven’t crashed) and I don’t feel lightheaded. Am I hungry when I get off work? You betcha. Eight hours without eating is a long time. But, I don’t feel weak or lightheaded. I just feel hungry.

I have lost some weight, which was not intentional. I started the week off weighing 132.8 and now I weigh 131 on the dot. I haven’t been eating enough. I now know that I’ll have to eat more as long as I’m working in the restaurant.

Overall the ketogenic diet has left me feeling great! I’m excited to continue with it, experiment with new recipes and get back in the gym!

Be well!

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