My Relationship With Coffee

I’m going to start off by saying I love coffee. I love coffee so much that I have an addiction and it’s gotten pretty bad. When I don’t have coffee in the morning I am incredibly irritable and I am the worst conversationalist.

Not only is coffee the very first thought I have in the morning but I also drink it throughout the day. In the afternoon I crave a coffee and sometimes in the evening I want one too. I definitely want a coffee when I’m working out. I can’t even imagine a workout without coffee!

I’ve been like this ever since my stepmom introduced me to gas station cappuccinos my junior year of high school (I know, gross right?). That first sip was the beginning of the end for me. I remember she gave it to me when I said I had to stay up all night doing a project of some sort. It tasted delicious and it kept me awake? I was hooked.

It started with that sugar bomb but I quickly moved to my mom’s drip coffee with lots of french vanilla creamer. Once my mom ran out of the french vanilla creamer and I had to drink the coffee black. I thought it was terrible but I drank it anyway.¬†College is when I started drinking straight black coffee. Everyone else was going to the coffee shops on campus and I knew I didn’t have enough money for the amount I drank.

When I moved to Europe it was espresso shots all day. And I mean multiple espresso shots multiple times a day. I was drinking espresso like drip coffee. I would make it at home and fill up a mug with espresso. A whole coffee mug! How has my heart not exploded?

In Australia I fell in love with lattes, but I would never turn down an americano either. To make things worse I was working as a barista, so it was all the coffee I wanted all day every day. On my days off I would go through withdrawals having only two a day.

Let’s just say it’s bad.

I don’t drink fancy coffees or anything anymore. I drink straight black drip coffee that I make at home. I buy strictly organic coffee but I’m still drinking too much. Multiple times a day I’ll start up that coffee pot and fill up my cup more than once per go.

My husband recently expressed his concern over my addiction. It felt like an intervention. Stop drinking so much caffeine! The dark circles under my eyes have been pretty bad, but that’s what they make makeup for, right? Just kidding.

We have come to an agreement, and one that I can live with. One cup of coffee per day. BUT I can have decaf coffee twice throughout the day. Decaf coffee still has trace amounts of caffeine but it’s nothing like a regular cup of coffee.

I’m hoping that this way I can ween myself off of caffeine for the most part and just drink decaf coffee. I don’t think I could cut out the decaf because I love the flavor of black coffee so much.

Here’s to a healthier life!

Stay well!

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