Why I’m Not Doing Intermittent Fasting…Yet

The ketogentic diet and intermittent fasting seem to go hand in hand. Both of these tools promote your health and both help with the production of ketone bodies. Ketone bodies are produced by the liver and are used for energy.

Even if you aren’t doing the ketogenic diet you can benefit from ketone bodies during intermittent fasting.

But, if you’re doing both the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting it’s like you’re gettingĀ  more bang for your buck. You’re really optimizing your body if you’re doing both.

I’ve done intermittent fasting several times for long periods of time (I’m talking more than six months at a time). I’ve done intermittent fasting while following the ketogenic diet and while following a different diet or lifestyle. It has always worked for me. Intermittent fasting helps with fat loss because your body is triggered to use those ketones (fatty acids) for energy instead of the glucose you’re consuming .

However, I will not be starting intermittent fasting for at least another two weeks. I do want to be out of the restaurant before I jump on intermittent fasting again and I also want to be completely keto adapted.

I’ve tried fasting at work before, not because I necessarily planned it but because I love sleeping and often push my alarm too much. I’ve gone to work without eating several times but it wasn’t pretty. I normally wake up at 8:30am (or at least this is when I set my alarm), I leave my house at 9:45am and I clock in at 10:30am. I work my shift straight through with no breaks (as you all know) and I’m lucky if I clock out at 6:30pm exactly. Because it’s a restaurant it’s impossible to time when people will be finished with their meal so I typically end up staying until around 7:00pm.

Say I have something in my purse that I can eat like almonds, that would mean I break my fast at 7:00pm. I go to bed at midnight every night so that gives me a five hour eating window. That would be if I planned my day out well. There have been times when I get off work and don’t eat until I get home (about 45 minutes later). That would start my eating window at 7:45 if I start eating immediately or 8:00pm if I have to prepare something really quick.

Not to mention I’m doing eight to eight and a half hours of cardio a day. Now, when I did intermittent fasting in the past I would go to the gym fasted but my workouts never lasted longer than two hours. Eight hours is a lot. Heck, it’s a lot even when I’m not fasting!

I do encourage everyone to try out intermittent fasting because it’s an excellent tool for weight loss and muscle gain. I’ll be posting more about intermittent fasting when I start it up again!

Stay healthy!

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