My First Workout on Keto

Hey guys!

My first workout in a long time, I mean a loooooong time, was on Day Three of the ketogenic diet. I wasn’t sure how it would go because I woke up a bit sluggish and I know that I’m not fully keto adapted yet. But, after a coffee I felt great!

I decided to take it easy, because, like I said, the weights and I haven’t spent some quality time together in a while. A chill chest and triceps day seemed like the best way to kick off my fitness journey. I only had an hour to work out between errands and a family gathering, but an hour is plenty of time!

I warmed up with dumbbell bench press starting with 10 lbs dumbbells, moving up to 15 lbs dumbbells and doing my actual sets with 25 lbs dumbbells.

I downloaded the app Gym Genius to track my progress.

My first two workouts (dumbbell bench press and dumbbell flyes) are with the stated weight in each hand. So with the 25 lbs dumbbells I had 25 lbs in each hand doing bench press.

For plate press, I held a plate and did a bench press motion in order to keep my grip closer and to engage my triceps a bit more. For svend press, I held a plate between my palms while seated and pushed outward in front of me.

All was going great up until I got to my triceps. I started with a 10 lbs dumbbell in my left hand to do single arm skull crushers and I suddenly felt an intense pain in my elbow. It’s probably because I’m constantly holding a tray with my left arm at work that I’m experiencing this pain. In fact, I find myself at work having to shake my elbow out a bit because I feel pain at work too. Thank goodness I’m almost outta there!

Anyway, I reminded myself that this was a chill workout and grabbed a 5 lbs plate and proceeded with the exercise. Much better!


I wasn’t sure what to name these but they will be two way skull crushers until I can come up with something better. Each rep consisted of two movements: a normal skull crusher movement and a similar movement but across my body.

I kept this workout very simple and easy but I felt great! I did realize, however, after writing this blog entry that I should be posting pictures of myself performing the exercises because a picture really easy worth a thousand words. Better yet short videos!

Stay fit and stay healthy!

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