Keto Diet: Day One

My first day of keto was off to a rocky start just because I love sleeping so much. After snoozing my alarm about five times I finally rolled out of bed and got ready for work. I had originally planned on making my keto coffee and my veggie shake but time only allowed for me to make the keto coffee (after, of course, doing my makeup and giving some attention to my cats).

I switch up my coffee every now and then but today I used 28 grams (two servings) of Kerrygold grass fed butter (salted of course), 28 grams (two servings) of organic coconut oil and two servings of organic heavy whipping cream. You’re probably thinking oh my god how do you drink all of that in your coffee?? But, I was about to go to a very physically demanding job and I needed the calories to start my day off right. (This coffee is 540 calories.) I put that and roughly four or five ounces of coffee in the blender for 60 seconds and poured it into my trusty coffee container.

The entire day was rough, not because of keto flu, because the restaurant was crazy busy. I mean b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I was supposed to have a girl training with me/ helping me but she quit so I rocked it solo. Fourteen tables let’s go!

The day went exactly how I didn’t want it to go: I chugged water from a paper cone twice and I went to the bathroom zero times. Off to a great start.

How did I feel physically? I had a pounding headache verging on migraine all day. Why didn’t I drink more water? Screw the tables and screw the needy people! I should have paid attention to my dehydrated body first. But mistakes happen and I wasn’t in the groove at all considering today was my first day back to work since my vacation.

After work, I filled up a to-go cup with water, chugged it, then filled it up again. I sipped water as I walked to my car (about a 10-15 minute walk) and munched on a serving of wasabi almonds in my car.

As soon as I got home I filled up my water bottle not once, not twice, but three times and chugged while I was cooking. (If you’re interested my headache is now fully gone.)

Remember that angus ribeye roast I bought from the store? I made a few cuts into the meat and poured melted Kerrygold butter into all of the cuts and all over the roast. I realized I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked as far as seasonings, so I pulled whatever I had in the cabinet: garlic, thyme, paprika and lots of Himalayan salt.

I cooked the meat at 500 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes and then reduced the heat to 325 degrees fahrenheit and cooked it for about another hour and a half. As the meat was getting close, I sautéed mushrooms in two servings of butter, cooked three pieces of bacon (which I cut into tiny strips) and cooked the brussels sprouts in the bacon grease. This diet doesn’t seem so bad, right?

Ribeye roast topped with bleu cheese, sautéed mushrooms and brussels sprouts with bacon.

It’s not a Food Network worthy presentation, but it sure tasted delicious. (Also, yes I’m eating off of a paper plate because my dishwasher broke and I’m lazy.) I topped my roast with bleu cheese for some extra fat, calories and flavor.

After dinner I was feeling satisfied and oh so full, but I was still low on calories. I played around with MyFitnessPal and found the best solution to get all of my calories in: two servings of Kerrygold cheddar and one and a half servings of organic almond butter.

I went slightly over my calories today, which I’m not worried about at all. I have myself set for 2,160 calories per day and today I consumed 2,173 calories.

Overall, I’d say Day One of my keto diet was a semi-success. I did eat enough but I definitely didn’t drink enough water (which is oh so important). It will be so much easier when I am working in an office and not running around all day but I am determined to make it work!

I’ll be updating how I’m feeling in general and any changes that I’ve noticed every week. I’ll also post recipes and other fun stuff aside from my weekly updates!

Stay healthy!

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