Hello, World!

Hello world! My name is Ash! I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I never had the proper push to do it until now! I’m starting this blog as a health, fitness and beauty blog to track my progress with the ketogenic diet, to track my fitness goals and pretty much to talk about the things that interest me.

I have done the ketogenic diet before and LOVED it! But, I’ve been off of it for about nine or ten months. Why did I fall off the wagon if I loved it? Well, honestly life just got crazy. I quit my job as a concierge after two years to be a server at a restaurant. I know, I know that’s a huge change! But I needed the money and I was bored with my daily routine of answering the same questions over and over again.

The change came right before my wedding so I had been doing great with working out and staying healthy. However, not only was I hired as a server but I was hired as a cocktail server. Here’s the difference: a server in the restaurant has a set section that gets put into a rotation with the other servers and the hostess seats them according to the rotation. So the servers get a five minute or so break in between seatings so they can get on top of their tables and take their order before the next seating. The lounge does not work this way. The lounge is first come first serve and there are 14 tables to the one cocktail server instead of five or six to a normal server. I did not realize this when I took this position. Yikes.

Let’s just say it’s been a rough ten months. I’m not one for cardio but it’s cardio all day every day. I foolishly let my health take a back seat. Eight hours with no breaks is rough. I was only having my keto coffee before work, which in an office setting is plenty to get me through the day, but not for the cardio driven day of a cocktail server. After my eight hour shift was over, I would munch on almonds in the car and drive home to cook a keto dinner.

The problem with fasting all day is that once you eat your stomach has shrunken so much that when you eat a calorie dense meal like a keto meal you get full incredibly fast.

In short, I wasn’t doing keto properly. I wasn’t counting my calories and I definitely wasn’t eating enough. Not only that, but I wasn’t drinking any water. The other thing about the lounge is that when I told the hostesses I was going to run to the bathroom and asked them to not offer the lounge for seating I would come back to a full section of angry people that hadn’t been told I stepped out for a minute. So I foolishly stopped drinking water so I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. What was I thinking???

My health seriously dwindled. I stopped working out, I stopped eating healthy and ate anything and everything to keep me going. I didn’t drink nearly enough water. I became depressed and unhappy. My husband even sat me down and said: “I love you, but you’re looking like Skeletor.” (Does anyone remember He-Man?) Nobody wants to be referred to as Skeletor… This really made me stop and think about my choices.

I admit that I just can’t cut it as a server. There are so many people who can and do and I applaud you, my friends! Mad respect! I just wasn’t getting it right. So, after about nine months of hell I applied for an office position and got it! Hooray! Sedentary lifestyle here I come!

So, this is the beginning of me getting back on track, starting keto, working out, eating healthy and being happy again!

Here’s to 2018 starting out great!

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